19 July 2018

How Truecaller Work? || Truecaller App How Makes Money? || What is the solution of Truecaller? || Truecaller Full detail ||

An app is running very much in the market. Which you also use everyday. That app's name is Truecaller. You must have heard of Truecaller's name too. This app tells you the names of unknown numbers. But if you have this app installed in your phone then you will read this post full.

This app do you talk to from your phone? With whom you chat and more than that, your call record information is also taking with you. How would you think? Then read this article full.

Friends first understand how Truecaller works? Truecaller has a simple funda. The phone in which this app is installed is picking up the data of that phone and taking it to its server. In this, your machine learning and artificial intelligence will also be used. This will know that my number has saved you by this name and the other brother has saved my number with the other name. This is what has been common in this number. It will know the person's name and save their servers.

Now whenever you call, then you will automatically find the data saved in your database and will show you by picking the name from there.There is nothing left for him to do this work. This is what our details ask us and it is showing someone else by raising it. This app is poor in our privacy. As soon as we install the Truecaller app They carry our own data and save it on our servers.

Friends if you are using Truecaller If you are thinking about doing so then go to their website once and read their privacy policy. Then you will know which of these people do you pick up your data from your phone. I am telling you some data that Truecaller is picking up your phone from me.

  • Geographical location 
  • Your IP address 
  • Your device id 
  • Your device manufacturer
  • Hardware
  • Sim card detail 
  • Which app is installed on 
  • O.S (Operating System)

Many of the data is being taken up from you as shown above. Whenever you install Truecaller and tick on their privacy policy, then lifting your data begins, it does not let you know all of these.

Truecaller apps serve the same data to everyone by keeping data of all. They say that crowd sourcing means giving information to people and providing services to people. Truecaller does not have any data for himself. It is our own information that tells us about us.

Many of you will be those people who are thinking that it is doing our help in a way.

  • Let us know the unknown number.
  • Which number is spam? This tells.

So this good thing is that we are benefiting from people. Friends, first of all you see the permit of Truecaller once.

If you think this is taking so much permissions, then it is listening to what you are talking about along with the contact. It is also picking photos from your gallery. You are not even aware of how much of your phone is taking away from your phone.

Today we are blaming on Facebook and Google that our private data is picking up and even more Truecaller is picking up our private details and sending it out of India because this mobile app is not Indian. If you see this app installed, then 100 million installs, and 100 million people have kept them trusted.

Truecaller App How Makes Money?

The Truecaller App earns money in three different ways.

(1). Advertisement: - The first is advertisements. Whenever you open the app you may have seen that a lot of ADS runs in their app. Whenever you get a phone call, even a pop up ADS appears below the bar. Whenever you click on Add, they get their money.

(2). Data Selling: - The more money they earn by displaying these ads, they earn more money than the data sharing. In today's time, as much money is precious or even more valuable than your data. It sells your data to third party websites and sells your private data in a legal way.

If you want any person's number in the world. Whether it's Donald Trump or Narendra Modi or Shahrukh Khan, you mail it to Truecaller. If you have money fees, you pay out. This will give you a number, by selling this data like this, the thick fat income Earns.

(3). Truecaller of Business: - Friends, if you are a business owner and you have 10 to 100 numbers and the customer has kept your number spammed. If someone calls you, then you see spam, then give money to Truecaller and put your number inside the business. Whenever you call someone, you will not get a spam number and he will not take your phone. It will not be so.

Apart from all this, Truecaller runs the app in free. Apart from this, the paid version also gives you 60 to 70, so it will also tell you who has searched your mobile number Truecaller. Friends, these people get this in millions of money running into a very big business.

What is the solution of Truecaller?

Avoiding Truecaller is just one and only solution that you do not install this application if you love your privacy then If you have to see everyone's number to share your privacy, then you must install this app and do not read this article, please do not read.

Another way to avoid Truecaller is to open Truecaller.com on your browser and create the ID of fake Gmail. Keep it signed by and whenever you come to an unknown number, go to the browser and search it. But whatever you create in your Gmail ID, there should not be any Gmail ID, keep a fresh ID. With this, it will not be able to lift your data and you will be able to search any number from any of its database.

Friends, if you put your mobile app in your phone then you can not avoid it at all. These people are just hungry for just our private data.

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